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For about a year, I relied on my gasoline powered Honda Eu3000 inverter in times of residential AC power outage. The maximum run time was 8 hours (tank size limit) which meant I needed to utilize multiple 5 gallon cans during outage plus have continuous monitoring to make sure the inverter was still running. A fair amount of my equipment are computers which is why I chose a invertor over generator.

After my research, I purchased a Hutch Mountain regulator system that allows using NG for continuous, clean running fuel. The only limitation of this system is a 100 hour run time (approximately 4 days) between oil changes.

While other plumbers provided quotes, Greg by far provided the cleanest and best configuration of NG piping. Greg also spend the time explaining what he was offering.

Jeremy provided a very clean installation and also answered all my questions which I truly appreciated.

I requested multiple quotations from area venders. Both of these gentlemen truly represent Hander as the best plumbing services vendor in our area. I will be back for future services and will recommend my friends to Handers.

Jerry F